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Grow Grey Matter's Philosophy

Grow Grey Matter’s (GGM) coaching philosophy is holistic, trauma-sensitive, and relationship centered. GGM believes that healing occurs within the relationship between the client, the practitioner, and the community. GGM follows the core values of integrity, humor, and safety.

Message From Meg

I believe that each of us has a space between our hurting and healing. That space is unique to us, and in that space we each learn to love, understand, and embrace ourselves. Each of us can experience this unique space because it belongs to us, no one else. Thankfully, the people and places we discover along the way expand our willingness to be vulnerable, just enough to be with ourselves and others. The rest seems to fall into place.

GGM is a holistic, collaborative coaching approach designed to help you discover your unique space. 

Professionally and compassionately, I will coach you to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

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